Mission Statement

To accelerate the adoption of innovative policies and practices that further sustainability at the local, State, and national levels.  Learn more by reading our 2016 Work Plan.


Value Proposition to Our Members

We are a network of leaders and innovators in local government who learn, share and adopt sustainable policies and practices. Together, we are a catalyst for bold, successful implementation of policies and initiatives that create vibrant, verdant, and healthy communities throughout the State. 

Meet our Staff, Fellows and Steering Committee





          Kate Danaher, Administrator



Fellowship Program



Steering Committee


Adam Lenz 

Richmond, CA


Dean Kubani

Santa Monica, CA


Shannon Parry 

Santa Monica, CA


Debbie Raphael

San Francisco, CA


Erik Pearson

Hayward, CA


Susana Reyes

Los Angeles, CA


Billi Romain

Berkeley, CA