Santa Monica Resolution Establishing Investment Instructions

City divests $1 million from polluting fossil fuels (Resolution Establishing Investment Instructions)

Santa Monica, CA

How you can benefit

People can experience cancer, asthma and heart attacks from pollution from fossil fuels from power plants and vehicle tailpipes. In 2013, Santa Monica passed a resolution for the only fund they manage that has fossil fuels. While the City portfolio did not have invest in fossil fuels, the Cemetery and Mausoleum fund (trust funds holding fees paid by customers at the time of burial) did. 

Why it's a leading policy

Not only did the city pass the resolution, they also divested.

Who can take action

Get tips to divest by:


The City had invested $1 million (10% of the Cemetary fund) in fossil fuels. The city council decided to divest all of it. The Mayor said it was easily accomplished within a year and has not negatively affected their fund.


Gigi Decavalles-Hughes, Director of Finance, Santa Monica, 310-458-8281,

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July 8, 2015

San Jose Demonstration Partnership Resolution

First U.S. city to use city property for clean tech companies (Demonstration Partnership Resolution)

san jose, ca

How you can benefit

Through hundreds of interactions with City staff, clean technology companies expressed the need for lab and office space to prototype clean technology solutions like clean energy, energy efficiency and electric vehicle infrastructure.

If you are a San Jose clean tech business, you can get perks like:

  1. Temporary use of City property, equipment, and data.
  2. Financial assistance.
  3. Exemption from certain city policies.

Companies can apply, thanks to the Demonstration Partnership resolution.

Why it's a leading policy

San Jose is the first city in the nation to have this type of program.


To create jobs and mutually beneficial partnerships between the City and clean tech companies.

Who can take action

Clean tech companies


San Jose became the the first in the nation to create clean tech labs and offices. They are at the Prospect Silicon Valley Clean Tech Demonstration Center, a city building.


Teri Killgore, ‎Assistant to the City Manager, City of San Jose, (408) 535-8102,

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October 29, 2015

LA Green Retrofit & Workforce Program

First U.S. City Creating Green Jobs for Energy & Water Efficient Buildings (Green Retrofit & Workforce Program), 2009

Los Angeles, CA

Green Jobs Infographic. Photo from dingo care2.

Green Jobs Infographic. Photo from dingo care2.


In 2009, Los Angeles experienced a high unemployment rate (11%).  So Los Angeles created the Green Retrofit and Workforce Program to be a model for how green jobs can create a path out of poverty.  The program retrofits all city-owned buildings over 7,500 square feet and built before 1978.  It prioritizes buildings in low-income communities and ones that serve them like libraries and recreation centers.

Retrofits reduce energy and water through improvements in heating, ventilation, air conditioning systems, toilets, faucets, lighting and appliances.  It saves taxpayers up to $6 million a year.


It was the first building retrofit program in the U.S. to incorporate training for green jobs, create energy and water efficiency improvements, reduce pollution and rebuild disadvantaged communities.


To retrofit 100 buildings annually and help buildings get LEED-EB Silver green building certification.  For the first five years, 50% of retrofitted buildings must be in low-income areas.


City-owned buildings over 7,500 square feet and built before 1978.


In the first year, 40 workers retrofitted 52 buildings.  The ordinance plans to retrofit more than 1,000 buildings.


Laura Muraida, Coordinator for Green LA Coalition, City of Los Angeles, 323-789-7920,


September 15, 2015