Green Cities California Member Benefits:

An opportunity to build relationships with your peers and environmental leaders in local government from across California:  

GCC provides an opportunity to share what you’ve learned, and to learn from your peers. The network offers opportunities to call, email, or meet face to face with peers who are facing similar challenges and opportunities. It’s an open, honest forum for sharing what works and what doesn’t.


Annual cutting edge policy workshops:  

GCC members have access to annual conferences that will facilitate face-to-face relationship building and professional development two times each year. Members can meet with peers, state, and federal environmental official to advance more sustainable state and federal policies and actions.


Participation in GCC workgroup activities and calls:

GCC members identify areas of interest and specific topics that they would like to explore more deeply through participation in ongoing workgroups. While workgroups vary from year to year, GCC provides facilitation and coordination of workgroups to that members have constant access to a timely conversation and topic of relevance.


Opportunities to partner and collaborate with CA cities and counties on issues or projects of common interest: 

GCC members collaborate, plan joint strategies, brainstorm on current challenges and opportunities, share lessons learned, and agree on specific areas of collaboration. GCC members have opportunities to participate in multi-city grant projects and other collaborative projects that help move sustainability work forward across many communities.


Access to the National Sustainability Conversation through USDN:

Green Cities California is a Partner Network to the Urban Sustainability Directors Network (USDN). USDN is a peer-to-peer network of local government professionals from cities and counties across the U.S. and Canada dedicated to creating a healthier environment, economic prosperity, and increased social equity. Sustainability directors and staff share best practices and accelerate the adoption of good ideas. USDN created the Partner Network Program to establish a reciprocal relationship between USDN and interested Partner Networks. The first goal of this program is for Partner Networks to strengthen their network capacity with the support and experience from USDN. The second goal is for USDN to maintain access to communities, beyond USDN members, working to accelerate urban sustainability.

You do not have to be a member of USDN to join Green Cities California. Green Cities California members benefit from participating in this program by gaining access to:

  • Quarterly peer learning calls with other network builders. On these calls, peers share lessons learned and collaborate to overcome challenges of building a network.  

  • Annual member surveys. USDN will support Partner Networks by administering and collecting data from their members through annual member surveys. Member surveys are critical to measure progress and gather member input, which is valuable for USDN to track the state the field broadly and for Partner Networks to guide their development.

  • Members website. Partner networks can use as a private portal for members to share information within the Green Cities California group, store documents, group calendar, and generally keep in touch. This website was built by and for urban sustainability practitioners.

  • Grants. USDN will accept applications to network grant funds from Partner Networks so long as the application can dually meet the requirements of the grant RFP and any secondary benefit to the Partner Network.

  • Fiscal sponsorship. Partner Networks seeking a fiscal sponsor can connect directly to USDN’s fiscal sponsor Global Philanthropy Partnership (GPP) who can receive, distribute, and report upon funds on the network’s behalf. 


Opportunity to serve in a leadership capacity with GCC:

Any GCC member that is interested is able to participate in the GCC Steering Committee and participate in leadership activities of the network. This opportunity allows members to sharpen their leadership skills and participate in the development of a strong network and strong partnership leading California’s environmental movement.

A website featuring GCC members’ leading programs and policies:

 At GCC members have access to case studies, best practices, and other resources shared by members to help accelerate sustainability best practices across the state.


Green Cities California Member Dues:

Dues for GCC membership dues are based on a community’s ability to pay, and are offered as a range of payments at the following tiers. Dues can be paid to GCC’s fiscal sponsor, Local Government Commission (LGC), and can be paid via check or CalCard upon invoice from GCC. Annual membership dues support the costs of hosting face-to-face meetings, professional network coordination, and other network costs. Dues payments are for the fiscal year: July 1 - June 30. A Member Dues Benefit Chart can be found here to find out more about specific levels of benefits.

Supporting Member - Under $1,000

Tier 1 member - $1,000-$2,499

Tier 2 Member - $2,500-$4,000



How to Join Green Cities California:

We are currently seeking to expand our membership and we invite local governments to join Green Cities California for the current fiscal year. To join GCC, the first step is to email Meg Williams Jamison, GCC's network coordinator at