SF Commuter Benefits Ordinance

Save up to 30% to ride public transit or vanpools, or bike to work (Commuter Benefits Ordinance)

San Francisco

Image by Wage Works.

Image by Wage Works.

How you can benefit

It costs you about $9,000 a year to own a car.  Also vehicles using fossil fuels (like gas and diesel) cause air pollution. That causes three million premature deaths a yearasthma, heart attacks and premature births.  When you take public transit, you can benefit from an average of 19 minutes of exercise a day walking or biking to and from transit stops. 

If you work in San Francisco for a business or nonprofit with 20 or more employees nationwide, your employer is required to give you Commuter Benefits so you can save up to 30% by taking public transit or vanpools to work.  Employers can save up to 9% on payroll taxes per employee.

"Employees who have options to their commute beyond driving alone tend to be more productive in their work and have an overall higher level of job satisfaction, which is good for business. It doesn't add any extra burden on the employer."

-James Paxson, Hacienda Business Park

See this calculator or short video on how much money you can save.

Why this is a leading policy

This Commuter Benefits Ordinance was the first in the Bay Area and it led to the creation of the 2014 Bay Area Commuter Benefits Ordinance.


To help businesses and employees save money while decreasing traffic and improving air quality.

Who can take action

Any business based in San Francisco with 20 or more employees nationwide.


In 2013, over 4,200 San Francisco organizations participated in the Commuter Benefits Program, reducing 290,000 metric tons of polluting greenhouse gas emissions in one year.

Public Outreach and Education

San Francisco Department of the Environment reminds businesses via mail, email and social media.


CommuteSmart, San Francisco Department of the Environment, (415) 355-3727, CommuteSmart@sfgov.org.

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July 14, 2015