Santa Monica Transportation Impact Fee Ordinance

Fee to developers to make it easier for you to ride public transit, bike and walk (Transportation Impact Fee Ordinance)

Santa Monica, CA

St. Patrick's Day green bike lanes

St. Patrick's Day green bike lanes

How IT can benefit you

Santa Monica has about 89,000 residents, but has 500,000 to 1 million visitors on weekends and holidays.

So in 2013, the city created the Transportation Impact Fee to developers if their proposed land use would increase the amount of vehicle trips. $50-60 million generated by the fee would offset some of the $134 million the city expected to pay to build transportation infrastructure.

The fee would help pay for new sidewalks, crosswalks, traffic signal upgrades, transit, and bicycle sharing programs and trails.

Medical office developments would pay the highest fees. Lodging projects would pay $3.60 per square foot, while industrial developments would pay around $1.20 per square foot. The amount assessed depends upon which area a project is located.

Why it's a leading policy

It renamed “alternative transportation” to "active transit" to normalize biking, walking and public transit.


To reduce a net of 59,500 car trips in peak hours.

Who can take action



David Martin, Director, Planning & Community Development, (310) 458-8341,

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December 20, 2015