SF Cigarette Litter Abatement Fee Ordinance

First and last CA fee to cleanup cigarette litter (Cigarette Litter Abatement Fee Ordinance)


Save the Bay Infographic

Save the Bay Infographic

How you can benefit

In 2009, San Francisco experienced 25% of cigarette butt and packaging litter, and spent over $6 million a year to clean them.  So the city created the Cigarette Litter Abatement Fee Ordinance to collect $0.20 when a customer buys a cigarette pack. The fee funds the Environment Cigarette Litter Abatement Fund.

Why it's a leading policy

This is the first and possibly last ordinance of its kind in California because Proposition 26 now requires a two thirds super-majority vote in the State Legislature to pass fees, levies, charges and tax revenue allocations.  Previously, only a simple majority vote was required.


To fund costs to clean up cigarette litter.

Who can take action

Retailers of cigarettes.


Some of the revenue goes to the Treasurer to administer fees.  The rest goes to the Department of Public Works to cleanup litter.  The ordinance generates about $5 million annually.


Soko Made, City Government Zero Waste Assistant, San Francisco Department of Environment, (415) 355-3739, Soko.Made@sfgov.org

Last Updated

September 25, 2015