Zero Waste


Animals accidentally eat cigarette butts which can give them seizures.  You can change that with this policy:


If you put compostables (food, plants, paper foodware, plastics labelled “compostable" not “biodegradable") in the landfill, you create polluting greenhouse gasses.  So join cities below in preventing that:


Cutting trees to make products like paper takes away homes from wildlife, and causes landslides and flooding.  You can address that with these policies:


Plastic litter ends up in our water and breaks into toxic microplastics that end up in the flesh (tissue) of fish people eat.   And cats,  turtles, and other animals accidentally eat plastic bags and choke, or their stomach gets lined with bags so they cannot eat, or they get poisoned by plastic.  You can prevent that with these policies:


Styrene in foam foodware can leach into food and can cause cancer in humans. And polystyrene foam breaks into smaller, non-biodegradable pieces that are eaten by animals, which can harm or kill them.  But you can prevent that with these bans:

                           WASTE PREVENTION